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Would I recommend The Body Shop CBD moisturizer?


I think people with dry skin may like this. I would say that this is better if you lean more dehydrated rather than true dry skin. Also, depending on what you are sensitive too, this may not be for you as there is quite a bit of fragrance here. I am just happy that there are enough ‘good ingredients’ for me in the top of the ingredient list to make this work for me and I know this is one I want to go back to.

My final thoughts

The Body Shop’s Shop CBD Cream moisturizer is one of my recent skincare favorites. It sinks in quickly but makes my skin feel great too. It may be too rich for most people but my dry skin just laps this up and I am a bit sad I have nearly used this up. I have finally found a moisturizer from The Body Shop that I love and I am very happy about that fact. This is rich enough for my dry/ dehydrated skin, I didn’t have any reactions and it makes my skin feel and look great. Even though there is quite a bit of fragrance in this product, I don’t experience this as overly scented which is an added bonus.

How did I experience using this product?

What matters to me most though isn’t just the ingredient list, but what it does for my skin. This is the best moisturizer from The Body Shop I have tried. I used it in my evening skincare routine and I felt it worked well over face oils and still worked well enough for truly moisturizing my skin. For winter it perhaps could be even richer for my dry skin, but this is a good, all round moisturizer that I think can work for me in the day time too in the dryer, colder seasons. By now my tub is pretty much empty, but I know I want to go back and repurchase this.

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